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References External links Category:Indonesian legal terminology Category:Taxation in IndonesiaImage copyright Getty Images Image caption Theresa May was asked to put any Brexit deal she supports to a vote of MPs Theresa May is expected to set out her "Plan B" for Brexit in a speech on Tuesday, a senior Downing Street source has told the BBC. Mrs May would try to get the "plan B" voted on by MPs, either as a matter of confidence or as part of a deal. The BBC understands the speech would not be like other "plan B" options being discussed, such as staying in the EU. A Downing Street source said there was "no way" the speech would include another referendum on Brexit. The prime minister was asked by a reporter during an interview on Sunday what her plan B was if her deal failed to win backing in the Commons. "We need to get on with it," she said. "We need to work across Parliament to ensure that we move on with a deal that can command a majority in this House. "And at the same time there's going to be a vote in this House on the deal." Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for a fresh public vote on Brexit In another interview on Sunday, Environment Secretary Michael Gove said Mrs May could "absolutely" quit as prime minister if she failed to get the deal through. The environment minister told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show the prime minister had "staked her leadership on a deal", adding: "We are where we are and we have to get through it. "If we get to the end of the process and we haven't got a deal, that is a very different and important and serious matter, but I don't think anybody can rule that out at this point. "It is on a knife-edge at the moment. We are in a very precarious situation." A spokesman for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the party would support a new referendum on Brexit if Parliament rejects the government's deal. Mr Corbyn has previously said a referendum should be held on any deal the UK agrees with the EU, after the option of leaving without a deal is rejected. Mr Corbyn's spokesman said the party's position was "crystal clear". "Jeremy believes a second referendum on the deal is a very important thing to


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